The duration of study at MSc, which leads to the receipt of a Master’s Degree, is defined in three (3) academic semesters, which also includes the time for preparing a diploma thesis. There is a possibility of extension, after a reasoned application by the student and approval by the Assembly.


In MSc, university graduates of the Schools/Departments of Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery and all the Schools of Health Sciences are accepted as well as graduates of the Schools of Biology, Chemistry and other University Schools with a relevant academic subject and relevant Departments of the country or Departments of recognized cognate institutions abroad, as well as graduates of T.E.I. related cognitive object.

The selection of students is made in accordance with the applicable legislation, the NKUA Graduate and Doctoral Studies Regulations and the provisions of the MSc Regulations.

Every March by decision of the Assembly of the School of Medicine of the NKUA, a notice is published and posted on the website of the School of Medicine of the NKUA and the Foundation for the admission of postgraduate students to the MSc The relevant applications together with the necessary supporting documents are submitted to the Secretariat of the MSc, within a deadline defined in the announcement and may be extended by decision of the Assembly of the Faculty of Medicine of the NKUA.


The attendance of the MSC entails the payment of fees by each student for the operating costs which amount to a total of €3,300. Tuition is paid in 3 installments.