The School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens organizes and operates a Master’s Program which leads to the acquisition of a Master’s Degree in “REPRODUCTIVE REGENERATIVE MEDICINE” for the academic year 2023-2024. The administrative support of the MSc is exercised by the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The MSc leads to the awarding of a “Graduate Diploma” in the field of “Reproductive – Regenerative Medicine” after the full and successful completion of the studies based on the curriculum.

The titles are awarded by the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

University graduates of the Schools/Departments of Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery and all the Schools of Health Sciences as well as graduates of the Schools of Biology, Chemistry and other University Schools with a relevant field of study and related Departments or Departments are admitted to the “Reproductive – Regenerative Medicine” Program of recognized institutions abroad, as well as graduates of T.E.I. related cognitive object.

The duration of the MSc for obtaining a DMS is three (3) semesters. The maximum time allowed to complete the studies is set at five (5) academic semesters, after a reasoned application by the student and approval by the Assembly. During their studies, postgraduate students are required to attend and pass all courses as stipulated in the MSc regulations, as well as to prepare a postgraduate thesis and write a scientific article published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The teaching of the courses during the first two (2) academic semesters takes place every Tuesday and Friday afternoon (15:00-19:00). In the third semester students attend and train in cell cultures in reproduction in the regenerative medicine laboratory, as well as in the IVF laboratory and the molecular biology laboratory. They also attend the outpatient clinics of in vitro fertilization, monthly abortions, gynecological endocrinology, child-child gynecology and menopause. Also, in the third semester, it is planned to prepare a master’s thesis on a topic proposed by the master’s student. For the convenience of postgraduate students there is a possibility on the rate provided by the current Legislation of distance teaching using the modern education platform.


Those interested are invited from Monday 6/3/2023 to Tuesday 10/7/2023 to submit the necessary supporting documents electronically to the e-mail of the MSc secretariat:

The necessary supporting documents are:

  1. Application for Nomination for participation with the indication MSc “REPRODUCTIVE REGENERATIVE MEDICINE” (which can be found at→ Announcement)
  1. Curriculum vitae
  1. Copy of diploma or certificate of completion of studies. Candidates from foreign institutions should present their foreign language degree, its official translation and if they have a certificate of recognition of an academic degree from D.O.A.T.A.P. For candidates from foreign institutions, who do not present a certificate of recognition of an academic degree from the D.O.A.T.A.P., the Department Assembly appoints a committee competent to determine whether a foreign institution or a type of degree from a foreign institution foreigners are recognized. In order for a degree to be recognized, the institution that awards the degrees must be included in the list of foreign institutions, maintained and updated by D.O.A.T.A.P. In this case, the candidate must provide a Responsible Declaration (with the original signature or through stating that in the event that the degree he submits is not recognized, he knows that there will be no refund of any tuition fees paid as well as of the intended deletion from the MSc.
  1. Certificate of analytical score of undergraduate studies
  1. Photocopy of two sides of the ID
  1. Publications in peer-reviewed journals, if any
  1. Evidence of professional or research activity
  1. Two letters of recommendation
  1. Certificate of English Language Proficiency. In the event that there is no certificate, a knowledge assessment is carried out by the Committee during the interview
  1. Responsible statement (with the original signature or via of the prospective student stating that:

– all submitted supporting documents are exact copies of the originals,

– is aware of a planned deletion from the MSC after the end of the maximum period of study, without refund of the already paid study fees,

– knows that there is no refund of any tuition fees paid in any case of cancellation

– is not enrolled in another Master’s Program.

Candidates will be invited to an interview after the deadline for submitting supporting documents and will be informed of the date, place and time of the interview by the Msc’s Secretariat. The selection of postgraduate students will be based on the above supporting documents and the results of the interview of the candidates.